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Our Projects

EZ Routing Generator
Client had recently implemented a completely new guideline on how to handle the supply chain. Product Routings follow the products from the API up to the finished product.
Our assignment consisted of automating the application of these utterly complex guidelines ensuring full compliance with fiscal and legal guidelines without having to train the entire workforce on this.
Automatic FP&A Analysis
Our client reached out to us to generate a tool that would retrieve data directly from their ERP and produce a user friendly and intuitive dashboard to be used by the Senior Management to take strategic decisions. Zero Sigma embeds an array of real time Indicators (e.g. Cash Flow, DSO, Working Capital etc.) that provides a clear picture of the health condition of our Client's business.

We are particularly proud of Zero Sigma as we have been able to increase our client's efficiency by 60% and simultaneously help the Senior Management drive the Company to the next level
Global Transparency Project
As part of the newly introduced guidelines from EFPIA around disclosure of interaction between HCP's/HCO's and Pharmaceutical Companies, a Global Transparency Project (GTP) was kicked off by our Client.

We assisted our Client in creating new processes to identify, capture, follow up and analyze all interactions with HCP's and HCO's ensuring these were fully disclosed as per EFPIA guidelines.

The project was an incredible success with the Company achieving  full transparency as one of the first Pharmaceutical  Companies in Europe by deploying state of the art and water proof processes that were later indicated as the new Industry Standards.
Automated Month-End Calendar
Our client was a Cambridge based market leading industrial software developer and required the creation of a harmonious Month-End procedure across all Legal Entities. We developed, in addition to the full procedure, an automatically updating Month-End calendar which would clearly indicate tasks, deadlines and follow up thereof in a fully automated manner.
Social Security Accounting
Client reached out to us to assist them to generate more efficient processes around the accounting of Social Security charges for their Belgian based workforce.

After analyzing their current processes we have identified several gaps and inconsistencies which led us to produce a more efficient and effective process around the booking of provisional invoices from the service provider.

Process was introduced and successfully implemented with a significant efficiency increase by 20%.
IFRS 15 implementation
Our client called us back in 2011 as they required assistance in correctly implementing IFRS 15 (Revenue Recognition). After an initial intake where we assessed our clients needs and evaluated the various options to resolve this issue we decided to tackle this by:
  • Downloading Raw Data from SAP
  • Manipulating Data to un-recognize Revenue as per IFRS 15
  • Automatically generating ready-to-upload JE's which would clean up the revenue accounts by un-recognizing the identified portion
Process was fully endorsed by Client's Auditors and is, to date, being used.